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 Our mission is to provide the best possible work for our clients sustaining a culture of diversity, training and professionalism to safely execute each project at the highest level.

Scott Houck

Clearwater Landscape Services, Inc.
30+ years field experience.

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Clearwater Landscaping Clearwater Landscaping

Clearwater Landscape Services, Inc. specializes in tranforming landscapes.

We create a great outdoor space by understanding project vision, using high quality materials in an environmentally sensitive design. But there's more

Clearwater landscaping Services

Great Design. Begins at the very foundation of the project site.

Structural accents, vertical lines, corners are highlighted using ornamental grasses, vertical plants and trees and concrete containment that flows with the site architecture. Why should you consider us?

Clearwater Landscape Services

Our Team Approach. The best projects are the result of a unified team effort.

Our projects, upon completion, not only look good, they are functional and stand the test of time. Contact us here

Clearwater Landscaping Services